FAN ART!! Video for ‘Unsatisfied Mind” by Sandra Trillkott

I am deeply moved and honored by this work of art by Sandra Trillkott. It brings life and death to the song in a way I intended and never intended. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Congratulations to Sandra and all involved in the making! Well done!!


Daytrotter Session

So happy to announce that my performance for the music blog, Daytrotter, is up! You can hear “The Nest” and “The Life” free without subscription! But, as a member myself, I highly recommend subscribing. All of my favorite bands have done one!


Hey all!!

Yay, it’s there! GO GET IT!!

Heart you,


‘The Life’ Re-Release on iTunes

Hello you.

I’m so sorry the release of this album has been such a mess, but I’m happy to announce I have proper distribution now, and it will be re-released on iTunes on Tuesday, February 17th. It is still available on BandCamp, tho.

Thank you so much for your patience and I heart you to the moon!!



Welp, my second full-length album, The Life, is officially out! It’ll be just on BandCamp  for a while, but eventually on iTunes and Spotify and CDBaby and Amazon, and you’ll be able to get it almost any way you like. It’s been such a wild, emotional, and gratifying ride from recording in Eastbourne, UK, in November 2013, to releasing now, January 2015. I’ve had the best of times, and the worst of times, professionally and personally, and it seems that’s how life just goes…with beauty comes sadness, laughter with crying, great success and great failings in tandem. In the end it all equals one specific human experience, which is what the album, and the journey, is all about. I hope you enjoy it. I hope it meets you in hard moments, but also lifts you out of them like the realization of shared experience can do. I wish you all the best on your own road through “the life”.

Video for ‘The Life’ premiers on BaebleMusic

Hello! The video for my single, ‘The Life’, will premier on Monday, December 29th, 2014! Produced, directed and edited by Filipe Bessa, with special thanks to Christi Leftwich, Mark Beumer, and Natalie Schaad. Shot in and around Los Angeles, CA.

Love, Misty

“The Life” -the single- is LIVE!

I’m so happy to tell you that the first single off my new record is available on BandCamp, iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon! So go get it on your media of choice and happy listening!

LOVE! Misty